Thursday, July 15, 2010


What is sashimi?
Sashimi is the thin, delicate slice of raw fish alone. Our fish is very fresh and it has the ability to melt in your mouth. Our recommendations are: hamachi, tuna, salmon, izumidai, madai. One order comes with 3 pieces of sashimi unless indicated otherwise.

What is sushi?
Sushi is a delicate Japanese cuisine which consists of seafood (slice of a fish) on top of a rice ball or put into a roll.

Nigiri sushi is the dish with the piece of raw fish topped on the rice ball with a bit of wasabi under the slice of fish. Our recommendations are: hamachi, maguro, sake, shiro maguro, izumidai, madai, unagi. One order comes with 2 pieces of nigiri sushi unless indicated otherwise.

What are maki rolls?
Maki rolls are the rolled up sushi with rice and seaweed. They are usually cut up into 4, 6, or 8 pieces at our restaurant. Some customer favourites are: calamary roll, dynamite toll, tempura roll, spider roll, (spicy) red dragon roll, super dragon roll, sakaye roll special, avocado roll, avocado+cucumber roll, spicy tuna/salmon roll, philadelphia roll, sunshine roll, salmon/tuna katsu roll. Our restaurant offers 35+ different kinds of maki rolls.


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